Help to save a life : Donate Plasma

COPAL 19 aims to help in meeting the increasing demand of convalescent plasma amidst growing COVID 19 pandemic by bridging the gap between plasma donors and patients needing plasma.

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Who Are We ?

We are a group of enthusiastic changemakers from AIIMS, New Delhi and IIT, Delhi. We are united by our interest in utilizing the untapped potential of technology for solving the various problems faced by the healthcare system of India.

Why are we doing this ?

COVID 19 is one of the most formidable challenges faced by humanity in recent times. The whole scientific world is working tirelessly to find a cure or a vaccine for it. Transfusion of convalescent plasma from recovered patients has been utilized previously in other diseases with success and may provide a much needed intermediate solution for management of moderately to severely ill patients. We want to contribute to the health system and society by eliminating as many logistic issues as possible to strengthen the link between a motivated eligible donor and a COVID patient in need of plasma.



Kaashika Prajaapat
Project Head and Managing Director
IIT Delhi (2021)



Dr. Abhinav Singh Verma
Founder and Medical Coordinator
AIIMS, Delhi



Tanay Aggarwal
Co-Founder and Developer
MSIT, New Delhi



Tushar Chaudhary
IIT Delhi (2020)


How did all this start ?

Over a family discussion, Dr. Abhinav (a resident doctor at AIIMS) shared with his brother Tushar Chaudhary the incident of a friend who was admitted to ICU with COVID and was recommended plasma therapy. He struggled for days to get it. Thus, the idea of a platform which would connect plasma donors with patients was born. Later, Tushar got in contact with his junior at IIT Delhi, Kaashika Prajaapat and her colleague Tanay Aggarwal, who had worked on similar projects earlier.


Looking Forward To Collaborations